Do You Know the Learning Outcomes?

The best tip I can share with instructional designers is to focus your efforts on learning outcomes first before you get wrapped up in how you’re going to develop the learning. If you could do that you’re already setting the course for your design work, making a difference, and faithfully supporting the industry.

My first set of questions are:

  • What is it the learner is supposed to do better as a result of the training?
  • How do you know he or she has accomplished that?
  • What does success look like after the learner has attended training?

If you can’t get your stakeholder to answer those questions then most likely training isn’t going to solve the problem.

Too often stakeholders already know they want an eight hour training class and they ignore figuring out what the training is supposed to solve. As Lewis Carroll eloquently said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

Image by Robert Couse-Baker / CC BY

Frances Weber

About Frances Weber

Fran has over 14+ years experience in training development and adult learning. She has worked as a lecturer in higher education and as a performance consultant in corporate training. She is a results driven instructional designer and performance consultant with in-depth experience designing training solutions end-to-end from needs assessments through design, implementation and evaluation. A team player effective at influencing stakeholders and collaborating with subject matter experts. She is successful at building competency based learning that influences behavior change, enhances performance and attains business objectives. Fran is an innovative thinker, skilled researcher, presenter and problem solver with a proven ability to apply instructional design systematically.

One comment

  • Frances, thank you for bringing this important part of training analysis to the forefront. The intended outcome should always lead your training objectives.

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